Emmanuelle Lounge offers breathtaking views and intimate moments where time is fluid and conversations flow.

State of the art

Donald Lauture



Initiated by Donald Lauture, a Montreal entrepreneur and DJ with nearly 20 years of experience in the nightlife industry, the Emmanuelle lounge leaves no stone unturned by catering to all five senses with its state-of-the-art collaborators.

Transported by the splendor of his travels around the world playing in cities such as Hong Kong, Vienna, London, Dubai, Doha and Monaco for F1 events, Donald brings back with him the idea of a hybrid lounge, a place of encounters, impromptu discoveries and epicurean pleasures.

"With Emmanuelle, we wanted to create an undeniably intimate space where everyone and no one at the same time is the center of attention. "



Its this idea of space outside of time that first enabled Atelier Zebulon Perron's vision for Emmanuelle. For the past 20 years, the Atelier has completed hundreds of interior design projects, mainly in the hospitality industry, some standing today as pillars of the Montreal bar and restaurant scene.

When developing the concept for Emmanuelle, the designers drew inspiration from the coziness and familiarity of a private residence, evoking the feeling of being warmly welcomed as one would be in the home of a well-traveled, cultured person. The experience evolves as one moves through the space, infused by warm colors, rich textures, and bold design choices.

Zébulon Perron

“Social ergonomics being at the core of its conception, the lounge is conducive for fluid exchanges, organically bringing people together. "

Maud Picard



As the curator of the Emmanuelle experience, Maud oversees every little detail to raise the standards of hospitality to that French righteousness and je-ne-sais-quoi.

Proud Parisian, the savoir-faire and sophistication are at the roots of her expertise, having learned the ropes of the industry in her hometown and in the South of France. Together with our team of passionate individuals, she ensures that every guest of Emmanuelle's indulges in pleasure and that all five sense are catered to the minute they set foot into its warm, elegant, and chic habitat.



‍In the local culinary scene, Chef Nick Bramos (Four Seasons’ Marcus, Toqué, Monkland Tavern and Succeda) needs no introduction.

Bramos’ vision for Emmanuelle is an amalgam of flavours and travels with a menu of small sharing dishes. High-quality ingredients sourced worldwide, mainly from local suppliers, are meticulously prepared to ensure an exquisite and delicate culinary experience. The dishes are as traditionally inspired as they are contemporary, reflecting Emmanuelle’s image: international and sophisticated.

Nick Bramos
Dmitry St-Louis



The restaurant also prides itself in its signature cocktail menu crafted from premium spirits, seasonal ingredients, and homemade syrups that offer something special for all types of drinkers.  For mixologist and cocktail master Dimitry Saint-Louis (Le Royal Bar, Vin mon Lapin, The Four Seasons Marcus), pleasure-seeking is no mystery.  Dimitry plays with local tastes and premium products leading to an exquisite combination for your tastebud's pleasure.



When approached to conceptualize the sound experience for Emmanuelle, Alexandre Kano (Moog Audio) knew he had to source la crème de la crème. In collaboration with german-based company CODA Audio, a leading designer and manufacturer of high quality pro-audio loudspeaker systems, they developed a one-of-a-kind integrated sound system for the lounge.

From designing custom amplifiers, sourcing their own wood, calibrating every single detail to find tune their technology, and treating the ceiling of the lieu for acoustics, CODA and Moog delivered an ambiance like no other where music and conversation cohabit in a cozy and intimate atmosphere.

Moog Audio



Perron-Roettinger is a design studio celebrated for its distinct method of creating visual language. Willo Perron and Brian Roettinger have defined a holistic contemporary approach to both strategy and problem solving through design. Their work for Emmanuelle is rooted in visual research and word building, using subtle nuances of typography as an own signifier.

In close collaboration with Atelier Zebulon Perron, the brand’s identity and visual communication was designed to feel at times contemporary and familiar, simultaneously nodding to the past but moving forward.


  • A haven for kindred spirits, here we cherish courteous communication.
  • Leave your digital distractions at the door, let the present moment unravel where time is fluid and conversations flow..
  • Surrender to Emmanuelle's offerings that captivate all the senses.
  • Respect the artistry and furnishings that breathe life into this exquisitely curated abode.
  • Honor her code for an elevated experience.

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